Drill of the Squadron

Inspecting the Squadron

To inspect the squadron, it must be formed in line. The squadron commander commands PREPARE FOR INSPECTION. On this command, the flight commanders face about and order ranks to be opened. After the command Ready, FRONT, flight commanders command Parade, REST.Inspection of the Squadron

When all flights are at parade rest, the squadron commander begins by inspecting the guidon bearer. The guidon bearer may assume the position of parade rest after being inspected.

The first sergeant joins the squadron commander if so directed and take notes during the inspection. As the squadron commander approaches each flight, the flight commander brings the flight to attention, salutes, and reports Sir (Ma'am), _____ Flight is prepared for inspection.

After being inspected, the flight commander accompanies the squadron commander through the inspection of the flight. The flight commanders position is to the right rear of the inspecting officer, walking in the lead in a showing capacity. See figure on the right for the position of the inspecting officer.

Single file between ranks is observed with the flight commander in the lead followed by the inspecting officer and, in turn, by the first sergeant, as required. The squadron commander, beginning at the head of the column or right of the line, makes a minute inspection of the equipment, dress, and appearance of the airmen.

The inspection is made from the right to left in front and from left to right in rear of each rank. The flight commander may give parade rest to elements not being inspected. The element leader calls the element to attention before the inspecting officer completes the inspection of the preceding element. The element leader may give the element parade rest after being inspected.

On completion of the inspection of each flight, the flight commander moves three paces beyond the front rank, halts, faces down the line, and calls the flight to attention. The flight commander takes one pace forward, faces to the right, and receives comments from the inspecting officer. The flight commander salutes the inspecting officer upon departure and then faces down the line and commands Close Ranks, MARCH. He or she then commands Parade, REST, AT EASE, or REST, whichever is appropriate, takes a post in front of the flight, centers on the flight, and assumes the same position as the flight.