Forming the Squadron in Line

The squadron is formed in line with flights in line by the first sergeant, who takes an initial post nine paces in front of he point where the center of the squadron is to be, faces that point, and commands FALL IN.

On the command FALL IN, the squadron forms in two or more flights with normal interval between individuals (unless close interval is directed) and a three-pace interval between flights. Figure on the right indicates key positions.
Forming the Squadron in Line

While positioning units in an area, the command is_____ Paces Forward, MARCH or _____ Steps Backward, MARCH. (In backward march, the airman takes 12-inch steps backward (starting with the left foot) and maintains normal armswing.) These commands are used for short distances only of four paces (steps) or less.

Each flight sergeant takes a post three paces in front of and centered on the flight. The flights then form as prescribed under the supervision of the flight sergeants.

The flight sergeants then command REPORT. Remaining in position, the element leaders in succession from front to rear of each flight salute and report _____ Element, all present or Element, (number) person(s) absent. The flight sergeants then face about.

Upon receiving the command REPORT given by the first sergeant, the flight sergeants, beginning with the right flight, successively salute and report _____ Flight, all present or accounted for or _____ Flight, (number) persons absent. After all flights have reported, the first sergeant commands POST. The flight sergeants face about and move by the most direct route to their positions in the ranks. The squadron commander takes a position 12 paces in front of, centered on, and facing the squadron to receive the report of the first sergeant. The guidon bearer assumes a position with the commander. The first sergeant faces the squadron commander, salutes, and reports Sir (Ma'am), all present or accounted for or (number) persons absent. Without a command, the first sergeant faces about and moves by the most direct route to the appropriate position.


Flight commanders immediately take their posts after the first sergeant has reported (as illustrated at right).

In forming the squadron, any individual required to make a report salutes while reporting and holds the salute until it is returned. The individual receiving the report does not return the salute until the report is completed.

Squadron in Line