In squadron drill (except mass formation) when the individuals in the unit are to execute a movement together, the flight commanders repeat the preparatory commands of the squadron commander for facings, steps, and marchings except when the preparatory command of the squadron commander is Squadron.

In this case, the flight commanders give the preparatory command Flight. When flights of the squadron are to execute a movement in successive order, such as a
column movement while marching, the commander of Flight A repeats the squadron commander's preparatory command, and the commanders of the other flights give a supplementary command, such as CONTINUE THE MARCH. The flight commanders of the other flights repeat the squadron commander's preparatory command and command of execution so their flights execute the movement in approximately the same location as the first flight.

If the squadron in column is at the halt when the squadron commander commands Column Right, the leading flight commander will supplement the command with COLUMN RIGHT. At the same time, the remaining flight commanders command Forward. When the squadron commander commands MARCH, the leading flight executes column right, and the remaining flights march forward and execute the column movement on the command of their appropriate flight commanders. Each flight executes the movement at approximately the same location and in the manner as the first flight.

To open ranks, the squadron commander faces the units and commands PREPARE FOR INSPECTION. The flight commanders, in successive order from the squadron commanders left to right, command their flights Open Ranks, MARCH. They align their flights and give the command Ready, FRONT.

When the squadron is in column and it is desired to obtain the correct distance between flights, such as a column from standard mass formation, the command is CLOSE ON LEADING FLIGHT. On this command, the leading flight commander commands the flight to take up the half step. As soon as the correct distance has been obtained, each succeeding flight takes up the half step at its commanders command. When all flights have obtained the correct distance, the squadron commander gives Forward, MARCH, and all flights step off with a 24-inch step.

When commands are given in which one flight is to stand fast or continue to march while other flights do not, the appropriate flight commander commands STAND FAST or CONTINUE THE MARCH.

In giving commands, flight commanders may include the letter of their flights; for example, A Flight, HALT or B Flight, Forward. Flight commanders do not repeat the squadron commanders combined commands.