Aligning the Squadron

To align the squadron formed in line at a halt, the squadron commander orders DRESS FLIGHTS TO THE RIGHT. On this command, the flight commanders face about and, beginning with the base flight, dress the flight immediately with the command Dress Right, DRESS.

The flight is dressed as described in flight drill, then given Ready, FRONT. Each subsequent flight commanders flight is dressed to the right as soon as the preceding flight commander halts and faces down line of the first element. When not adjacent to the base flight, the flight commanders flight is dressed on the next flight toward the base flight.

To align the squadron when in mass at a halt, the command is At Close Interval, Dress Right, DRESS. On the command DRESS, the squadron dresses at close interval. The base flight commander promptly verifies the alignment of ranks. When the flight commander resumes the post, the squadron commander commands Ready, FRONT and COVER.