The Drill Pad
Air Force Drill

Rules for the Guide

The guide sets the direction and cadence of the march. The guide of the leading flight of a squadron marching in column sets the direction and cadence of march for the squadron.

When a flight in line is commanded to face to the right, the guide executes right face with the flight. The guide then
performs a face in marching to the right, marches to a position in front of the right file, halts, and executes a left face.

When a flight marching in column is commanded to flank to the left or right or march to the rear, the guide executes
the movement. The relative position of the guide does not change within the flight except when the flight is halted in line in such a manner that the guide is not abreast of the front rank. The guide then moves to a position abreast of the front rank.

Unless otherwise announced, the position of the guide within a flight, in line or in column, marching or halted, is right. When it is desired to change the base for a movement, the new position of the guide is assigned preceding the preparatory command for the movement. The dress is always to the base element.

When the flight is in column and it is desired to position the guide to the left, the command GUIDE LEFT is given.
On this command, the guide and flight commander exchange positions by passing right shoulder to right shoulder. To
return the guide to the normal position, GUIDE RIGHT is given. The guide and flight commander return to their normal positions by again passing right shoulder to right shoulder. The movement can be made either at a halt or while marching.

Normally, the flight is marched with the element leaders and the guide at the head of the column.

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