The Drill Pad
Army Drill

Right (Left) Step

To march with a 15-inch step right (left), the command is Right (Left) step, MARCH. The command is given only while at the halt. On the preparatory command of Right (Left) step, shift the weight of the body without noticeable movement onto the left (right) foot. On the command of execution MARCH, bend the right knee slightly and raise the right foot only high enough to allow freedom of movement. Place the right foot 15 inches to the right of the left foot, and then move the left foot (keeping the left leg straight) alongside the right foot as in the position of attention. Continue this movement, keeping the arms at the sides as in the position of attention.

To halt when executing right or left step, the command is Squad (Platoon), HALT. This movement is executed in two counts. The preparatory command is given when the heels are together the command of execution HALT is given the next time the heels are together. On the command of execution HALT, take one more step with the lead foot and then place the trailing foot alongside the lead foot, resuming the position of attention.

Individual Drill