The Drill Pad
Judge's Corner
Judging a drill meet is demanding enough but, when it is a multi-service meet where the teams use their own service regulation, it becomes very confusing. Each service has its own unique terminology and distinct ways of performing similar drill movements. Although multi-service regulation drill meets(MSRDM) are more difficult to judge, they are by far the fairest way to run a drill meet.

To run a successful MSRDM, the judges must possess extensive knowledge in muti-service drill regulations. When it comes to standard drill, personal opinion has no place in the judging process. For example, a judge may prefer to hear a formation executing "Count Off" with loud and commanding voices. However, if the Air Force regulation is in effect, the members in the formation recite the numbers in a normal tone of voice.

This section will serve judges by detailing the differences in the service's drill regulations. Red italics will denote differences in drill movements.

Drill Terminology
Drill Movements