The Drill Pad
Army Drill

Forward March and Halt

To march with a 30-inch step from the halt, the command is Forward, MARCH. On the preparatory command Forward, shift the weight of the body to the right foot without noticeable movement. On the command of execution MARCH, step forward 30 inches with the left foot and continue marching with 30-inch steps, keeping the head and eyes fixed to the front. The arms swing in a natural motion, without exaggeration and without bending at the elbows, approximately 9 inches straight to the front and 6 inches straight to the rear of the trouser seams. Keep the fingers curled as in the position of attention so that the fingers just clear the trousers.

To halt while marching, the command Squad (Platoon), HALT is given. The preparatory command Squad (Platoon) is given as either foot strikes the marching surface as long as the command of execution HALT is given the next time that foot strikes the marching surface. The halt is executed in two counts. After HALT is commanded, execute the additional step required after the command of execution and then bring the trail foot alongside the lead foot, assuming the position of attention and terminating the movement.

Individual Drill