Basic Procedures
The Color guard consists of two (three) sergeants and two specialists or privates. It is an honor to be selected as a member of the Color guard. The senior (Color) sergeant carries the National Color and commands the Color guard. He gives the necessary commands for the movements and for rendering honors.

When battalions or brigades carry their organizational colors in a ceremony as part of a larger command, the battalion or brigade color is carried four steps to the rear of the staff. A sergeant acts as Color bearer and two experienced specialist or privates, selected by the battalion or brigade command sergeant major, act as members of the Color guard.

The Color guard is formed and marched in one rank at close interval, the bearers in the center. They do not execute rear march or about face. The Color guard marches at right shoulder arms and executes facing movements by wheeling to the right or left. The command for a facing movement is, Right (Left) wheel, MARCH. To execute a wheeling movement, the guard nearest the direction of turn serves as the pivot point and executes the movement by marching in place and simultaneously turning in the new direction. Other members shorten their steps and turn in an arc keeping abreast of each other to maintain alignment. When the movement has been completed, each member automatically marches in place until the command HALT or Forward, MARCH is given.

When passing in review, the Color guard executes eyes right at the prescribed saluting distance on the command of the Color sergeant. The commands are Eyes, RIGHT and Ready, FRONT. The organizational color salutes at the command RIGHT, and resumes the carry at the command FRONT. The guard on the right flank of the Color guard does not execute eyes right.

During ceremonies, the Color guards remain at right shoulder arms except when presenting arms.

When not participating in a ceremony and a situation occurs that warrants a salute by the organizational color, the Color sergeant commands Color, SALUTE. The return to the carry is made at the command Carry, COLOR.

When in formation with the Color company, and not during a ceremony, the Color bearers execute at ease and rest, keeping the staffs of the Colors vertical. The Color guard executes right shoulder, order arms, and present arms with the Color company. During ceremonies when the Colors are not forward and remarks are to be made, the Color guards and Color bearers execute order arms and parade rest on command of the Color company commander. During any ceremony when the units are at ease, the Color guard and Color bearers are at parade rest.

The uniform for Color guards should be the same as prescribed for participating troops.

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