Casing and Uncasing the Colors

The Color guard is formed in a line formation with the cased Colors at the carry position (order position when indoors). The command sergeant major (or his direct representative) positions himself six steps in front of and centered on the formation. He then commands Sling, ARMS. The Color guards immediately adjust their slings and assume sling arms. The command sergeant major commands POST.

The Color guards face to the half left (right) in marching, take four steps, halt, and execute about face. The command sergeant major then directs UNCASE THE COLORS.

The Color bearers lower the Colors (same as present guidon). The two guards move forward and untie and unease the Colors. The Color bearers unfurl and immediately return the Colors to the carry (order) position. While the Colors are being unfurled, the guards fold the cases and secure them in their left hand. When the Colors are in the carry position, the command sergeant major commands Present, ARMS. The command sergeant major, Color guards, and the organizational color salute. He commands Order, ARMS, and then commands POST.

On the command of execution POST, the Color guards place the folded canvas cases inside the cartridge belts (center rear) of the Color bearers. The Color guards assume their original positions, adjust their slings, and return to right shoulder arms. If the command sergeant major or his representative is not present, the senior Color sergeant gives the necessary commands.

To case the Colors, the procedures are basically the same except present arms is given before the Colors are lowered.

When casing or uncasing the Colors with the command present, the commander directs UNCASE (CASE) THE COLORS. The command sergeant major and Color guards execute the movement (previously stated) except that they execute present arms and order arms with the Color company. When the Colors are uncased and returned to the carry position, the commander directs BRING YOUR UNITS TO PRESENT ARMS. After the units have executed this directive, he then directs BRING YOUR UNITS TO ORDER ARMS.

If the Colors are to be cased or uncased during the receiving or dismissing by the Color company, the Color guards execute present arms and order arms on command of the company commander.

The command sergeant major uncases the organizational color when it is displayed by itself. He may also assist the Color guards when uncasing more than two Colors.

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