The Drill Pad
Marine/Navy Drill

Back Step - Backward March

The command Backward, MARCH is given only when you are at a halt.

At the command MARCH, step off to the rear with your left foot and take 15-inch steps at a rate of 120 steps a minute.

Swing your arms naturally.

To Halt While Marching Backward at a Back Step.

Assume you are marching backward at a back step and you receive the command Squad, HALT.

The command of execution may be given as either foot strikes the deck.

On the command of execution HALT as the right (left) foot strikes the deck, your next step and for the first count of halt, will be one more 15-inch step backward with your left (right) foot.

Your next step and for the second count of halt, you will smartly bring the right (left) heel against the left (right) heel and assume the position of attention.

You will remain in this position until given another command.
Individual Drill