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Air Force Drill

Position of Attention
Position of Attention. To come to attention, bring the heels together smartly and on line. Place the heels as near each other as the conformation of the body permits, and ensure the feet are turned out equally, forming a 45-degree angle. Keep the legs straight without stiffening or locking the knees.

The body is erect with hips level, chest lifted, back arched, and shoulders square and even. Arms hang straight down alongside the body without stiffness, and the wrists are straight with the forearms.

Place thumbs, which are resting along the first joint of the forefinger, along the seams of the trousers or sides of the skirt. Hands are cupped (but not clenched as a fist) with palms facing the leg.

The head is kept erect and held straight to the front with the chin drawn in slightly so the axis of the head and neck is vertical; eyes are to the front, with the line of sight parallel to the ground.

The weight of the body rests equally on the heels and balls of both feet, and silence and immobility are required.

Position of Attention
Individual Drill