The Drill Pad
Marine/Navy Drill
Position of Attention

Basic military position from which most other drill movements are executed. This movement is executed at the Halt, at any position of Rest, marching at Route Step or At Ease. Come to attention with smartness, and snap at the commands FALL IN or ATTENTION. Thereafter, you move only as ordered until given AT EASE, REST, FALL OUT, or you are dismissed.

Bring your left heel against the right.

Turn your feet out equally to form an angle of 45 degrees. Keep your heels on the same line and touching.

Your legs should be straight, but not stiff at the knees.

Keep your hips and shoulders level and your chest lifted.

Your arms should hang naturally, thumbs along the trouser seams, palms facing inward toward your legs, fingers joined in their natural curl and elbows in.

Keep your head and body erect. Look straight ahead. Keep your mouth closed and your chin pulled in slightly.

Stand still and do not talk.

Individual Drill