The Military Training Instructor's Poem

I stand like the mighty oak, strong, proud, and tall.

Though the winds of discontent may blow, I waver not at all.
The world may chant, burn my flag, and curse the land I love.
But I serve my country proudly and thank my God above.
The flag I love, that flies so high, I know she's glory bound.
My life I'd give to fight all those who would try to bring her down.
I know to be a patriot is not always kept in style.
But there's a secret code that I live by and I'll share it with a smile.
Duty, honor, and country are why I do these things.
And strength among adversities is what these words do bring.
It's a duty of love –– it's not really hard; it's never been a chore.
It's an honor to serve my country so that freedom may endure.
So like the mighty oak I stand, strong, proud, and tall.
Like the United States of America, I waver not at all.